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Mariza H.I

TRX Yoga Instructor - Professional Dancer

Languages: English, Arabic and Japanese

Having been a professional dancer since the age of 13, and training in dance since the age of 3, health and fitness have always been a focus in my life. The way we look and feel plays a significant role in our day to day lives. Wanting to create a strong healthy but limber body motivated me to study yoga and Pilates for years. Discovering TRX functional training inspired me to then move into resistance training fulfilling my passion to sculpt and contour the body into the physique best suited to our frame. My motto: “Let your body be your muse”.

Establishing a solid connection between mind and body, so that we can move consciously, with precision and focus. Empowering the mind body and soul are all intertwined in creating not only the body we envision but the person we aspire to be.

Come train with me I will help motivate you and instill the passion needed in taking your fitness to the next level.

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